Robert James Moss
August 26, 1967 – December 17, 2022

Robert James Moss, a.k.a Jamie, passed away December 17, 2022. He was born on August 26, 1967, in Kitchener, Ontario to his mother Geraldine (McCarthy) and father Robert Alonzo Moss (Marsh). Jamie had an older sister Robin, and a younger brother Christopher. They lived in Kitchener except for some time spent in Calgary, Alberta, but “Home” was always in Ontario. He loved landscaping, and until he was injured, that was his work. Even after several surgeries and while living with a lot of pain, being outside and landscaping was what Jamie loved. My dad was a great man, who loved and cared for his family, especially his kids - Alyssa and Dustin (Penny - mother of his children). He will be missed deeply. He was self-conscious about himself, but I never saw his scars as “ugly.” Instead, his scars were part of him and what defined his character. He had a good heart that outweighed his looks. He loved animals, listening to heavy metal, talking about Chem trails when he saw a plane fly by, and being a kid playing with his hot wheels. As well as his family and friends, Star, king and Charlie, his cat and his daughters’ dogs are going to miss him too, as he was there every day visiting. The family had an opportunity to say their good-byes, but no public service will be held.

This Notice Is Courtesy Of
Schuler-Lefebvre Funeral Chapel - Humboldt, Saskatchewan