Years of dedication on the part of athletes, parents and coaches has led to the traditional success of Rose Valley Schools sporting ventures. At the anchor of it all, particularly its perennial championship volleyball team, has been veteran teacher and coach, Trevor Smith. Smith was awarded the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association’s Service Award at the SHSAA Annual General Meeting banquet on Thursday, June 23. The award goes out annually from the Association to a member who has provided outstanding leadership and service. 

Smith originally hails from Elrose where he attended school and participated in a wide range of sports. Following his post-secondary career, he began teaching in Saskatchewan’s north before moving to Rose Valley in 1995 where he’s taught ever since. 

Asked about receiving the award, Trevor responded in an appreciative and humble manner, characteristic of the teacher. 

“I didn’t really expect it; it’s always a surprise when you’re nominated for things and when you actually are awarded, I guess it’s your peers who are recognizing you. It was a total surprise and shock to me.”

Smith reflected on his long involvement with student athletics, musing that at the end of the day, it’s about making connections with the students. It’s a connection for which students have expressed an appreciation over the years. 

In a testament from the SHSAA, Trevor is lauded for his dedication and commitment to athlete and program development at both the school and community level. It goes on to note that coaching has always been one of Trevor’s biggest passions. For every activity he has been involved with, he has put in countless hours of planning and coaching in an effort to develop his student-athletes to compete at the highest level. As coach, he has instilled in his players not only competitiveness but the love of the sport. He also takes the opportunity to advance his coaching knowledge by attending coaching clinics.

His long love of and involvement with volleyball has given Rose Valley School its deep roots in the sport. His passion and commitment to volleyball has resulted in Rose Valley School winning 5 consecutive SHSAA 1A Girls Provincial Championships. Smith tirelessly commits himself to organizing camps in both school and club volleyball. He also pursues officiating in the sport. 

Of course, Smith is also wholly committed to the academic and personal success of his students, spending countless hours outside the classroom helping students understand and feel successful with their learning. 

Along with community volunteering and many other extra-curricular interests, Trevor Smith has made a lasting contribution to the Horizon Central Athletic Association, the town of Rose Valley and the many students he’s connected with over his 28 years of teaching.