A second group of seven local writers wowed the crowd at a Writers’ Night reading hosted by the Humboldt and District Gallery on Wednesday. Once again, Becky Zimmer was the MC, introducing the participants and peppering the evening with jokes and pithy observations.

Zimmer performed an informal and personal essay covering her travels, notably hostel life in Budapest - a kind of humorous survival manual for the well-travelled.

Young adult novelist Bronwyn W. Capasin followed with a passage from her first work. Her reading revolved around fantasy characters set in our world, including a mysterious, dragon harbouring non-human with special powers. The characters work to discover about each other and about their place in the world. 

Carrie Anne Schemenauer presented a pair of personal essays laced with poetic language. One was titled “Shame Into Sunshine,” a reflective piece on the power shame exerts in a life.

“Shame like a relative who doesn’t know they are running out of supplies” led into a recognition that shame can be cast off to reveal the “clear waters that allow us to feel beautiful outside the shadow.”

Ivan Buehler posed an interesting perspective on his family history. Buehler grew up in a family that owned a hotel, and the hotel itself became the personified and omniscient voice for the story. Buehler relayed his family beginnings in the Moosomin and Fairlight areas of Saskatchewan. He also reflected on the evolution of pub culture, from the days when farmers and local businessmen sought occasional refuge from their families. 

Daniel Pratchler is a grade 9 student who shared an expansive and deeply considered world where Perplexians and Zagoths coexisted, The detailed realm considered everything from science, government, education, and law. It’s a world where a punishment for vandalism meant being consigned to eating a bowling ball, with pepper, in one sitting.

Caitlyn Senko cited writing influences like prolific Saskatchewan writer Allan Safarik and science fiction mainstay Ray Bradbury. Her poetry ranged from social commentary with striking imagery, to an examination of positive passions in our lives, and a timely critique of the wastefulness found in modern consumerism.

The evening wrapped up with Robin Halsey of Bruno reading from the first work of her six book series. “Catalyst” is a high fantasy novel with dark themes set in a beautifully described arcane world, hosting a cast of epic adventurers.

Plans are in place for future reading events. To submit your name as a reader or find out more about upcoming Gallery events, get in touch through their webpage, social media, or by calling at (306) 682-5226.