Car seats are important for children while travelling in a vehicle, and it’s even more important that the seats are installed correctly, and that is why Safe Communities Humboldt and Area is hosting a free car seat clinic.

“The importance is that our children be travelling as safe as possible, which as parents, we all hope to have. We don’t want any injuries or worse happening in and around our communities,” says Amanda Hauber, Executive Director of Safe Communities Humboldt and Area. 

According to a recent release by SGI, 447 tickets were handed out for improperly restrained drivers or passengers in January. 20 of which were for drivers not properly restraining children in the correct booster or car seat. 

The clinic will be held on March 2, at the Humboldt Fire Hall. 

“We have openings anywhere from 1:25 pm to 4:00. We have trained technicians on hand that will be there to check if your car seat is installed properly, or if you need a new car seat installed.”

Anyone interested in participating can book a time slot by calling 306-682-0705 or sending an email to

“The appointments are about 20 - 25 minutes long. We have about half of our appointments available yet. It’s absolutely free, and we have take-home bags for anyone who attends.”