Safe Communities Humboldt & Area is hosting a safeTALK suicide prevention presentation to have an open conversation about suicide alertness. 

“SafeTALK is a 3 - 4 hour training session to equip a person to be more alert by using a four-step model," said Amanda Hauber, Executive Director of Safe Communities Humboldt & Area. 

It is a half-day training session, widely used by professionals and the general public, says the organization.

“Those who attend the workshop will develop in-depth knowledge to recognize kinds of suicide, learn how to reach out and talk openly with someone about suicide, and help keep them safe by connecting them with further support.” 

The presentation takes place on February 9, 2023, at 6:00 pm, in Meeting Room #1 at the Humboldt Uniplex. 

“Breaking the stigma associated with suicide is so important for mental health. You never know if or when your son, daughter, spouse, parent, friend, sibling, or co-worker are having thoughts of suicide. Being able to talk openly and honestly about suicidal thoughts can help save a life.”

Hauber says that due to the nature of the course content, participants must be over the age of 15 to register for the course, which costs $30 and includes a manual. 

Registration can be done at the door, by calling (306)-682-0705, or by emailing