Safe Communities Humboldt and Area has deemed November as Fall Prevention Month. 

They say that falls are the leading cause of hospitalization due to injury in children and youth in Saskatchewan. 

“At each stage of development, children learn new skills (e.g., reaching, rolling, climbing, and walking). It is important to look for possible risks associated with falling at each stage of development,” stated a release from Safe Communities Humboldt. 

Safe Communities Humboldt has a few safety measures that can be taken to help prevent injury to children through falling:

  1. Always use safety straps on highchairs, strollers, and baby equipment.
  2. Keep one hand on your baby when they are at a height above the floor.
  3. Keep the doors and windows locked and move furniture away from open windows. 
  4. Use safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Once your child is tall enough that their chin is above the safety gate, remove the gates. Teach your child to safely go up and down the stairs. 
  5. Secure heavy furniture to the wall using brackets. 
  6. Move your child’s crib mattress to the lowest level once they can push their body up and onto their hands and knees. Move your child out of a crib when they are 89 cm (35 in.) tall.