Two new videos, released by Safer Roads Canada, aim to continue the goal of fostering safe driving and awareness around transport trucks. Safer Roads Canada is composed of members of the 2017-18 Humboldt Broncos families and allies. With help from Transport Canada’s Enhance Road Safety Transfer Payment Program, SGI and the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA), the group produced the videos for use in Class 1 and Class 5 driver training and as part of its public awareness campaigns. 

Carol and Lyle Brons lost their daughter, Dayna, in the Broncos bus crash, and they’ve since been tireless workers in advocating for safer roads across the country. Along with other parents, they formed the non-profit Safer Roads Canada and sought out industry and safety partners on their mission. 

Pattie Fair from Alberta and Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, a professor of Transportation Engineering at the University of Manitoba, had already been in contact with one another,” explained Carol Brons.  At that time, Pattie had a petition going to make changes within Transport Canada to make trucking a designated profession, along with other changes like graduated licensing.”

Bronco parent Chris Joseph and BC communications consultant Brenda Jones all connected through social media to form the core of directors for the organization. The non-profit was formed in March 2020. 

The STA and SGI came on board to provide support and input on the production of the two videos. 

“These videos are made for the public and they give viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to drive a Class 1 vehicle,” explains SGI’s media relations manager Tyler McMurchy. “Why it’s important for all drivers to be considerate when sharing the road with big trucks. SGI is proud to support Safer Roads Canada in their mission. It’s something that we believe in as well, of course, and this non-profit organization is working to bring awareness to commercial vehicle safety, so we we’re happy to provide support to help make these videos possible.”

The first video focuses on the day to day life of a trucker on the road, with a clear message that truck operators have a responsibility to proceed “the right way”, not the quickest way. It’s a shared responsibility with all motorists.

The second video clearly outlines the potential results of negligence on the roads with a haunting reflection by the Brons family on the tragic consequences of haste, inattention, and poor preparation. 

“We feel it’s just a way of getting more information out to new drivers, all drivers actually, just to make them aware of the consequences - why it’s so important to make sure you’re doing checks around your truck and allowing for room. New drivers truly do not understand how much room a semi needs to make the maneuvers they need to.”

Ultimately the hope of all involved is that roads truly become safer with a clearer understanding of the industry and regulatory roles - and with the dedication of all drivers everywhere.