Sagehill Community Futures and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program will be hosting an Open House Business Information Session on August 17. 

The open house takes place at the Bella Vista Inn from 10:00 - 11:30 am, says Susan Wehage with Sagehill Community Futures. 

“It’s focusing on programs that are available for entrepreneurs with disabilities and/or health conditions. There is a brand new program out, and it’s called “The Business Builder Program,” and it provides support and training for entrepreneurs with disabilities and or health conditions that want to start a business,” said Wehage.

Program Officer for Saskatchewan, Susan Bater, will talk about the programs available and how Sagehill Community Futures administers the programs. 

“We will be chatting not only about the funding, but the grants that do apply to specific programs that we will be introducing and implementing, so we are very excited about this.”

Those wanting to take part in the program can register by calling 1-888-732-8999 or by emailing

“We hope to see everyone out there and are excited to spread the word about the programs available throughout our region.”

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