Humboldt is well known for employing those with disabilities and Sagehill, partnered with the Restigouche CBDC, a community futures office in Atlantic Canada based out of New Brunswick has received their first new contract of three; an international project called “Hire for Talent”. 

“It is creating awareness for employers about hiring persons with disabilities, so with the labour shortage throughout our region and Saskatchewan, this was a perfect opportunity for employers in the Sagehill region to participate and have their opinions in this national project,” stated CEO of Sagehill Community Futures Susan Wehage. 

Ten businesses in the surrounding area participated in a survey about hiring persons with disabilities, stated Wehage, with one business chosen to participate in a focus group with other businesses nationally to talk about hiring those with disabilities. 

The ten businesses that participated were:

  • Graphic Ad Ltd – Humboldt
  • Humboldt & District Community Services – Humboldt
  • Brick House Clothing - Humboldt
  • Michel’s Industries Ltd. – St. Gregor
  • Canadian Organic Spice & Herb Co. Inc – Watson
  • Golden Eden Produce – Burr
  • Impression Salon – Rosthern
  • Rosthern Dairy Queen – Rosthern
  • Meadow Rose Floral, Home & Gift - Rosthern
  • Tisdale Florists Ltd. – Tisdale

Sagehill held a workshop for employers, provided by a specialist based out of Calgary, and was an inclusion workshop. It provided a practical introduction to workplace diversity and inclusion with the focus being on candidates and workers with disabilities. Wehage stated the turnout of the workshop was amazing, with many employers and organizations participating. 

“We were one of the community futures selected in Saskatchewan to participate, and have employers participate through this national project.”

Another contract Sagehill was awarded was through the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training called ‘The Digital Literacy Skills for Entrepreneurs.’

“It’s a project pertaining to small business people to get training on improving digital skills, so everything from creating an email account, to sending emails, to keeping online security safe,” stated Wehage. “This was a request for proposals from the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, which Sagehill put one in, and we were awarded the contract for our region. We are very excited about that, this program is underway.”

Along with creating an email account, businesses are taught various other online techniques such as how to create a CRA account, understand reports and Google analytics, and enhance online marketing skills.

The final contract Sagehill was awarded was the ‘self employment program’, awarded from the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training. 

“It’s for people who are on EI or EI eligible, and interested in starting a business. It’s a training program, as well as a possible income support program.”

Susan Wehage stated there are many opportunities for small businesses to grow, especially in Humboldt and the expected growth for the city in the upcoming years.