Sagehill Community Futures is launching a new initiative designed to highlight their regional business clients in a fun and interactive way. The Community Futures Scavenger Hunt is a fun, easy and interactive way to find out more about regional businesses large and small and discover what each has to offer.  

The first step for people wanting to participate in the scavenger hunt is for people to become familiar with the Sagehill Members Directory, located online. Then people can hook into Sagehill Community Futures’ social media, explains Director Susan Wehage.  

“We’re going to be tagging the business on our posts, and five winners will be randomly selected for $100 worth of Sagehill Members Bucks which they’ll be able to spend at any of Sagehill Member businesses.” 

The idea is to get exposure for local businesses, some of which exist in communities outside of Humboldt. Some of the tagged businesses are “hidden gems” in the sense that they have either popular or unique products and services to offer. They simply need area residents to be aware of all the wonderful regional opportunities there are to shop local.  

The scavenger hunt is easy in that it involves participants tagging local businesses as opposed to taking a trip there. Of course, once people find out about the businesses and check out the online and social media profiles, it opens the door for an in person visit to take advantage of the great local shopping.  

“The money comes back to our member businesses, and there are a lot in Humboldt who are members of Sagehill.” 

The Scavenger Hunt starts on March 4 and runs for a week. The winners of the Sagehill Members Bucks will be chosen on a Facebook Live draw on March 12.  

Sagehill Community Futures is also hosting a conflict resolution and communication skills workshop in Humboldt. The two-day event on March 5 and 6 is already sold out. If there is interest in a repeat session for people to attend, it will most likely be held in the fall.  

To find out more about the Scavenger Hunt, a second conflict resolution or communications session, or any other Sagehill Community Futures program, contact their office in Bruno at (306)369-2610.