The Government of Saskatchewan announced that it has contracted three administrators to overlook the operations of Legacy Christian Academy and Grace Christian School in Saskatoon and Regent Christian Academy in Prince Albert. They will ensure the safety of the students and that their education is not disrupted, stated the Government. Most schools begin the 2022-23 school year on September 1.

The administrators are  Mike Walter at Legacy Christian Academy, Dave Derksen at Grace Christian School and Randy Fox at Regent Christian Academy.

“The administrators' priorities will be to direct the operations of the schools to ensure student safety and well-being, and to provide a positive learning environment for students. They will review staff lists and determine if the appropriate staff will continue to provide teaching and other services within the schools, to ensure there is strong communication with parents, and to provide leadership to the school staff,” stated the Government in a media release. 

They will be reviewing the school policies and procedures, as well as reviewing historical documents in order to make recommendations for any changes needed. The Government says that in addition to the ongoing communication, they will provide formal reports to the Ministry of Education at least monthly to ensure the schools are teaching Saskatchewan curricula.

“The administrators will be in place for the next several months, or as required and they will work closely with the Ministry of Education and the ministry will support those roles throughout the time they are there.”

CTV News has since reported that the certificate of registration for Grace Christian School has been canceled. Reportedly, current director John Olubobokun refused to cooperate with assigned overseer, Derksen. 

Olubobokun stands accused of abuse in a civil case brought forward by former students from the Legacy Christian Academy.