Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has selected its new CEO, Prabha Ramaswamy. A longtime champion for Saskatchewan business, Ramaswany is considered a passionate community leader and organizational visionary according to the provincial body’s press release. 

“I look forward to collaborating with all our stakeholders to build the strongest business ecosystem in Canada,” said Ramaswamy. “Saskatchewan has what the world needs and is well-positioned to be a leader – particularly at this juncture. Our continued growth will transform the business landscape and create opportunities to enhance competitiveness, and boost investments and trade. I have been a staunch champion of women-owned businesses and now I look ahead to advocating for all businesses in our province.” 

Ramaswamy has served as the CEO for the non-profit Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) since 2014. As a change agent, Ramaswamy is known for her commitment to economic development by supporting women entrepreneurs, thereby closing the gender gap and affiliated economic gap in the province. 

Two programs in particular have targeted these areas. Matchstick is the first program in Western Canada to support Indigenous women entrepreneurs. Charter Champions, the first charter designed to enhance the support of Saskatchewan’s women-owned businesses, also came from her 8 year tenure at WESK. 

Ramaswamy has served as the first President of the Leaders Council for the Paul J. Hill and the Kenneth Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina and currently serves as a member of the Paul Hill Advisory Board at the University of Regina. 

Ramaswamy continues to influence change in her community as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and as an active member of the Board of Directors for Saskatchewan Housing Authority and Hope Restored Canada. 

“Prabha brings to this role extensive experience in transforming organizations, advocating on behalf of the business community and leading with a strategic vision,” said Thomas Benjoe, Chair of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. “We are confident that she will shape the future of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce as an organization and strengthen our network, voice, and province as a whole.”

Throughout her diverse 20-year career, Ramaswamy has demonstrated a track record of transforming organizations and uniting voices. As the former CEO of the Certified General Accountants (CGA) Association of Saskatchewan, she was a key player in leading the organization through the unification of the accounting profession, bringing together three established accounting bodies.

“The Chamber will play a pivotal role in convening ideas and stakeholders throughout the province, identifying common priorities and advancing these priorities for Saskatchewan,” said Ramaswamy. “Building an agile organization that enhances both responsiveness and relevancy to membership and the business community will be a focus as I step into this role.” 

As CEO, Ramaswamy will work closely with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Chamber members, local Saskatchewan chambers, and government officials.