According to the province, Algeria, Indonesia and Morocco, three of Saskatchewan's key international markets, saw significant increases in provincial agri-food exports in 2023 over, the previous year. 

Deputy Agriculture Minister Rick Burton says the total volume of agri-food exports hit $20.2 billion with significant increases for wheat, durum and lentils coming from Algeria, Indonesia and Morocco.

"Algeria, for example, they are our fifth largest exporter. In 2023, they imported a lot of durum and pulses from us about $765 million worth, a 69 per cent increase year over year in 2023 compared to 2022."

He points out we also saw a strong increase in exports to Indonesia, up 62 per cent in volume to over $400 million, while Morocco saw a 22 per cent increase in volume with sales totalling $425 million.

Agriculture Minister David Marit says numbers like these showcase the success we are seeing through our presence in world markets and building key relationships with our partners across the globe.

Exports to Algeria had the third-highest increase in volume among Saskatchewan's top markets at 1,232,110 tonnes.

Saskatchewan has already surpassed its 2030 Growth Plan target of $20 billion in agri-food exports with total shipments of $20.2 billion for 2023.

Overall, the total volume of Saskatchewan's agri-food exports increased over 26 per cent over the previous year.