In a recent interview on 107.5 Bolt FM, the emerging Saskatchewan-based band Sask Steel, known for their unique blend of various music genres, shared insights into their musical journey, aspirations, and the balancing act between their music and farming lifestyles. The band, composed of Levi Jones (drums), Lane Jones (guitar and bass), Evan Zentner (vocals and acoustic guitar), and Gavin Fleck (banjo, fiddle, and bass), came together through a serendipitous mix of university connections and shared interests.

Having formed just over two years ago, Sask Steel initially started as a cover band before venturing into creating original music about a year ago. Each member brings a diverse set of musical influences to the table, ranging from bluegrass to rock and country, which contributes to their distinctive sound.

When discussing their biggest inspirations, Fleck noted, "We all grew up playing or being into different types of music. We kind of take a little bit of everything and push it together, and hopefully, it sounds good." This eclectic mix is a key element of their appeal.

As for the band's aspirations, the members have a practical yet ambitious approach. Their immediate goal is to acquire a tour bus, balancing music with their responsibilities in farming. "As much as we can do outside of farming hours because that's first and foremost," Zentner explained, highlighting their commitment to their agricultural roots.

Despite the challenges of balancing two demanding careers, Sask Steel remains optimistic and driven. They draw inspiration from other artists in similar situations, like the Hunter Brothers, who have successfully managed to juggle music and farming.

Sask Steel is currently active on major streaming platforms, and they engage with their fans through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The band also takes pride in producing their own music, with Levi Jones handling production duties in their home-based studio, Fairmont Studios.

The band expressed their gratitude for the support they've received throughout their musical journey, thanking Bolt FM for the opportunity, as well as their family, friends, fans, and fellow artists who have helped them along the way.

With their feet firmly planted in both the music and farming worlds, Sask Steel is poised to continue growing its presence in the Saskatchewan music scene, offering a fresh and authentic sound that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Here is the acoustic song they played in studio on Jan 31 2024.


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