SaskEnergy’s Tune-Up Assistance Program (TAP) is back, and eligible homeowners can apply for the tune-up as of June 13. The program, offered through SaskEnergy Network Members, is available to qualifying homeowners with a combined annual household income of below $68,000. 

“Since this program was launched five years ago, it has helped more than 2,300 homeowners across the province keep their furnaces in safe working order,” said Kevin Adair, who leads SaskEnergy’s Customer Service Operations. “Regular furnace tune-ups can prevent costly repairs down the road and help your family to be safe and warm on those days when you need your furnace the most.”

The package provides eligible homeowners with a free SaskEnergy Network home heating tune-up, up to $200 in repairs if needed, two free furnace filters, and a free carbon monoxide alarm.

“Building awareness about the importance of carbon monoxide safety is another reason we offer this program,” Adair said. “Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. That’s why, starting July 1 of this year, every residence in Saskatchewan will be legally required to have a carbon monoxide alarm.”

This year’s program is open to applications until November 15. More information about TAP and how to apply is available on SaskEnergy’s website.