SaskPower has been alerted to a new text message scam that claims to be billing a reminder and is warning customers to be wary of the message. 

“The fraudulent text message claims to be a billing reminder, stating that the customer has an outstanding balance of $10.58 and that if not paid via the included link by February 13, the customer “may lose your electricity.” The text message appears to come from an out-of-province telephone number (when called there is no activated voicemail),” stated SaskPower in a release. 

SaskPower stated that customers should not follow the link in the text message or provide any information to the website. The company also stated that anyone who may have fallen victim to the scam should contact their financial institution and their local law enforcement agency. 

SaskPower offers the following tips to protect customers from being scammed:

  • If being directed to a website, always look at the URL in any communications claiming to be from SaskPower. If it does not read “” it could be a scam.
  • SaskPower never threatens disconnection via text message.
  • Payment reminders are only sent through email at this time.
  • If unsure about the legitimacy of a text message or email claiming to be from SaskPower, call SaskPower Customer Care at 1-888-757-6937 to confirm if the communication was real.