With the last day of school on Tuesday, school zones will be out of effect in Humboldt as of Wednesday.

Drivers in Humboldt will now be able to bump their speed up to 40 kilometres per hour within school zones for the next two months starting on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. However, authorities are still urging people to stay aware of children and other pedestrians in school zones.

"Many of those schools have playgrounds and will still be busy places. There may be activities, community events happening in and around those school zones," said Tyler McMurchy, Manager of Media Relations of SGI.

On the other hand, not all school zones in the province will be out of effect. The fine for going beyond the speed limit by 20 kilometres in a school zone is $310.

"Depending on the municipality school zones may or may not be in effect during the summer, it does vary. Some enforce the speed limits year-round and others only have them during the school year," stated McMurchy.

One way to tell if a school zone is in effect is by looking at the sign. It will state if the speed limit in the school zone only takes during a certain period of time.

School zones in Humboldt will be back in operation in early September.