Plenty of individuals and agencies need a power supply all year long without being fully operational in certain months. Ice rinks, some farms, campgrounds, and ski hills are the types of operations that will see some meter relief as SaskPower adjusts its demand charges. 

A release by SaskPower explains that demand charges are necessary for customers who use large amounts of power over a short period because the utility must hold adequate power capacity in reserve in case the customer needs it.

“SaskPower recognizes the financial challenges that demand charges can place on some of our seasonal customers,” said Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for SaskPower. “That’s why we’re adjusting our billing practices to better reflect how they use power.” 

Beginning May 1, 2023, the time-period used to calculate minimum demand charges will be reduced from 11 to six months for eligible seasonal farm and commercial customers. It will reset every May and November. Resetting the minimum demand period in May and November means that a customer’s peak months of power use are not part of the calculations for the minimum monthly billing charges applied during their off seasons. For example, an ice rink won’t have to pay for the effects of their winter demand charges in the summer.

The release goes on to state that t those who use power on a seasonal basis will now have lower power bills during their off seasons. This will benefit approximately 1,400 customer accounts, saving each an average of about $1,140 per year. For more information, visit