Two men charged with ten different offenses stemming from a violent robbery in Quill Lake will be sentenced in January in Wadena.

On the night of April 22nd, two men entered the Quill Lake bar armed with a rifle and crow bar.

After shots were fired the men fled in a stolen vehicle which ended up crashing into a business in Watson where they were eventually arrested.

Two men at the bar at the time were treated for gun shot wounds.

25 year-old Delbert Nanaquetung and 28 year-old Donovan Nanaquetung were charged with three counts of attempted murder, robbery with a firearm, wearing a disguise to commit an offense and other infractions.

The eldest Nanaquetung has pleaded not guilty on some of his charges and guilty to others, he will return to court in Wadena for a trial plus sentencing.

Delbert has pleaded guilty to his charges.

They will both be sentenced on January 7th.