SGI and police forces will soon be shifting their focus on driving habits.

Last month, the spotlight was on distracted driving.

This month was supposed to be winter driving habits, even though there's been a scarcity of ice and snow.

SGI's Kelly Brinkworth says next month the focus will shift again. but that doesn't mean winter driving mistakes will be ignored.

"We know that December's spotlight is going to be on impaired driving and that's pretty consistent most years cause with the festive season people are out celebrating more so typically we do have December as impaired driving but just because the month's focus is set it doesn't mean police aren't looking for other violations either."

Despite the lack of snow and ice to start off the season, there are still things police are watching for said Brinkworth, "police are looking for things like people who are driving too slow for road conditions, maybe people haven't scraped their windows so their vision is obscured or maybe their headlights and tail lights aren't working properly, that kind of thing."

Brinkworth advises drivers to prepare for the coming season.

she recommends winter tires on your vehicles. and, when slippery conditions do arrive, remember to slow down and allow more time to come to a stop.