SGI is once again partnering with law enforcement to shine a light on traffic concerns with its Safety Spotlight. In April, it’s all about suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles. 

In a release, SGI explains that there is a host of reasons why licenses can be suspended beyond impaired driving. Some of those include missing compulsory drivers’ education credentials, and medical issues or visual impairments. 

One way that law enforcement can check for disqualified drivers or unregistered vehicles is through a network of 185 automated license plate readers (ALPRs). The release notes that suspended drivers are more likely than ever to get caught, as these devices read every single plate that passes them and flags any vehicle that is unregistered or belongs to a suspended driver.  Drivers caught with a suspended licence may have their vehicle impounded and be given a court summons. Depending on the offence, different additional penalties apply upon conviction, which could include an expensive fine, an even longer licence suspension, or even jail time.

“When someone drives with a suspended licence or in an unregistered vehicle, may not have insurance coverage if they cause a collision,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “Uninsured drivers can find themselves on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars resulting from damages and injury benefits to the other people involved.”  

Driving an unregistered vehicle will result in a $580 fine and could lead to your vehicle being impounded.

All month the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan will be posting insights into its work on enforcement. SGI says it will be sharing information about the April Spotlight and more on its social media platforms.