Now that many Saskatchewan residents have had their first glimpse of winter, Saskatchewan Government offers some practical tips for safe driving.

SGI says one of the easiest ways to stay safe is to slow down. From November 2013 to March 2014, driving too fast for road conditions can cited as a contribution factor in over 1500 collisions in the province, resulting in seven deaths and 617 injuries.

Kelly Brinkworth offers some additional tips for a collision-free winter.

"When you see the posted speed limit, remember that's for ideal driving conditions. If conditions are less than ideal, you want to give yourself some extra time.  Also, just pay attention- look further ahead so you can identify potential hazards sooner. You also want to leave some extra space, so that means increase your following distance."

Brinkworth adds that drivers should ensure their headlights are on during poor visibility conditions, to prepare your vehicle with winter tires, use the highway hot line, and gently, stop and steer to prevent loss of traction.

Brinkworth adds to consider purchasing winter tires and check the highway hot line before heading out on the road.