SGI kicked off a new impaired driving campaign that is focusing on what they say is a practical thing anyone can do to ensure anyone and those that they love, get home safe.

“We hope this new campaign resonates with people,” said SGI President Penny McCune. “It makes the point that every good choice you make matters. If you are impaired – even if you didn’t make a plan beforehand – please find a safe ride. You can call a family member or a friend. Anyone who cares about you would much rather be woken by you calling them for a lift than finding out you were hurt – or worse – in an impaired driving collision.” 

A 60-second video was seen across Saskatchewan on Sunday on TV, online, and even premiering in movie theaters. If you missed out, you can always view it on SGI’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. 

Alongside the video, SGI introduced billboards, radio, and newspaper advertising to get their message across. 

They say it's the latest addition to their “Stick With Safety” series, following the recent “Take Care Out There” and “Just Drive” campaigns. 

SGI says while it may be the best option to plan for a safe ride beforehand, sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way, and that should you find yourself impaired, you should:

  • Phone a friend or family member. 

  • Take a taxi, rideshare, or designated driving service. 

  • Sleepover where you are. 

“If you’re the one who gets a late, late-night call from a friend or family member who needs a sober ride home... give them one. Be glad that they care enough about themselves, the people who love them, and the other people on the road to make the right choice,” says SGI in a release.