Saskatchewan Government Insurance is enhancing it's customer service by introducing a new program that allows vehicle owners to have vehicle damage estimates done at accredited auto body shops.

The partnership with the auto body repair industry and SGI means a streamlined process for smaller damage claims.

Minister responsible for the crown corporation, Don McMorris this will assist in reducing wait times for people needing repairs.

"Shops that do the estimates, it will certainly relieve some of the pressure on those. You can imagine when a storm hits, there is a real surge into those accredited shops that do the appraisals. This will be able to spread the work out."

Both Discovery Edge Collision and Glass as well as Humboldt Motors are accredited to perform the task that McMorris says allows drivers to avoid taking their vehicle to SGI to get appraised and then to the shop for repairs.

"First and now we will go through the claim process but be able to take their vehicle to an auto body shop for example that's accredited hopefully by the end of the year. Most all will be accredited to have that appraisal done right at the auto body shop as apposed to going to SGI."

20 shops are already accredited by SGI to do appraisals.