SGI's focus for December was on impaired driving and over 300 drivers were charged with related offenses throughout the month.

Kelley Brinkworth, Manager of Media Relations at SGI explained the breakdown of the offenses.

"There were 308 offenses related to alcohol or drug use, so 8 of those were for low blood alcohol content offenses and then 300 were criminal code charges, so that includes things like having a high blood alcohol content, impaired driving or refusing a breath test."

In addition, Brinkworth says 3,124 tickets were given out for speeding and 145 tickets were given out for distracted driving.

Although the numbers are down from the previous December, they are actually up from the last impaired driving spotlight month which took place in May 2015.

In 2014 Saskatchewan imposed tougher impaired driving laws, Brinkworth said they have seen a slight change, "It's pretty early but we have seen a decrease in the number of crashes related to imparied driving and we hope that is something that continues but it's still definitely a concern in the province, it's the number one factor in fatal crashes here in Saskatchewan."

January's traffic safety spotlight is focused on intersection safety.