With the rise in fuel and food prices, SGI wants to save drivers some money where they can, which means reminding drivers to slow down when in work zones. 

Construction season is in full swing here in Humboldt, with construction happening across the city as well as on Highways 5 and 20. SGI and the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA) are reminding drivers to be alert, patient and respectful of workers when travelling through construction zones throughout the summer. 
“Speeding through a work zone endangers the lives of the people working within them,” said SHCA president Shantel Lipp. “Every year, we see too many close calls and scary situations.  Please... if you see orange, slow down.”  

Motorists are required by law to slow to 60 km/h, or the posted speed limit, when passing by a highway worker, flag person or highway equipment with flashing lights. SGI states failure to obey the posted speed limit can be costly, as speeding tickets are significantly more expensive in work zones. 

“For example, getting caught speeding at 100 km/h through a construction zone with a posted limit of 60 km/h will cost you $1,008. Plus, you’ll lose at least three Safe Driver Recognition points on your licence, which can lead to further financial penalties or a loss of insurance discounts,” stated SGI in a media release. 

Photo speed enforcement is used in various work zones, sending a ticket in the mail to those speeding. 

“Slowing down in construction zones keeps both workers and other travellers safe,” said Barbara Cross, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “Each one of these workers has someone who loves them and expects them to return home safely at the end of the day. It’s up to us as drivers to make their work environment as safe as possible.”  

Hazards are still present in work zones, even when workers are not around, explained the release. Drivers should reduce speeds and watch for lane reductions, equipment, sharp pavement drops, loose stones, broken pavement or fresh oil that could be slippery at high speeds. 

SGI gave a few additional tips to think about before hitting the highways this weekend. 

Plan ahead. Check the Highway Hotline for potential delays and allot more time to reach your destination or use an alternate route. 

• Always give the road your full attention – avoiding distractions will help you see the orange signs that let you know you’re approaching a work zone. 

• Obey posted speed limit signs and flag persons. 

• Keep a safe following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. 

• When necessary, #EmbraceTheZipperMerge. It makes traffic flow more quickly and efficiently when roadwork results in lane reductions.