SGI’s May Traffic Safety Spotlight results are in, showing over 300 drivers were caught behind the wheel after smoking or drinking. 

SGI reported 328 drivers were caught in May:

  • 208 Criminal Code charges  
  • 120 administrative licence suspensions

If you’re looking to smoke or have a drink this summer, SGI recommends planning a safe ride home. An impaired driving charge will shatter your summer plans, resulting in some serious consequences such as vehicle impoundment, license suspension, financial penalties and a criminal record. 

Saskatchewan has zero-tolerance for drug-impaired driving. RCMP carries roadside testing devices and performs standardized field sobriety tests on drivers under the influence of drugs. SGI states If you’re rolling up to a police check stop, you'll want to make sure there are no drugs in your system. 

SGI stated in a release, “With alcohol, consequences start when an experienced driver exceeds .04 blood alcohol concentration; new drivers aren’t allowed any alcohol whatsoever.”

RCMP also reported in May:

  • 6,112 drivers were ticketed for speeding or driving aggressively 
  • 406 tickets were issued for not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it incorrectly or having children improperly restrained 
  • 748 distracted drivers, including 655 drivers using a mobile device.