It was a scene that no business owner ever wants to see.

Shattered glass and a mess inside were the remnants of a Sunday morning break-in at the Bella Vista Inn.

Around 5:20, four suspects pulled up to the bar located on the east side of the building. They then smashed the glass door and proceeded to pull out the ATM located inside using the truck they were driving.

Judy Plag, Manager of the hotel says it was a first for current employees.

"We've never had anything like this happen in our business with this group of staff. They didn't handle it very well."

One suspect even went as far as going behind the bar and clearing off a shelf, sending bottles of alcohol flying.

"The very initial reaction was shock," she exclaimed. "Then they were a little scared for their safety. They have come to terms with what has happened. We've done an awful lot of talking, its kind of absorbed everybody's day since it happened."

Plag added that discussion amongst her employees and new safety measures that will be implemented have brought more of a calming sense.

"When you have a chance to talk about it and talk it out and talk over the procedures and what kind of changes we're going to have, I think there is going to be a positive outlook coming out of this with staff."

While adding new precautions will bring a cost, Plag brushed that aside by first and foremost showing care for the hotel's employees.

"Cost versus staff safety? I think that's the cost of doing business."