There will be a shorter curling season over the next two years for members of the Humboldt Curling Club. At Monday’s City Council meeting, Council passed a new two-year lease agreement that would see a three percent increase in rates for each of the next two years. The Humboldt Curling Club and the City reached an agreement to proceed with a two year term as opposed to the previous one-year agreement.

Mike Ulriksen, director of Community and Leisure Services, talked about the rationale at the Council meeting. 

“The Club has agreed to reduce its operating season by two weeks. In doing so, it means the plant will run for fourteen less days both years. The timing for each year is different to allow for the Firefighters Convention this fall. They’ve agreed to start two weeks later this year and end at their regular time. The following season, they are going to start one week later and end one week earlier.”

Ulriksen went on to say that it affords the City an opportunity to rent the facility out for other recreational or gathering groups with a potential to see more revenue in from the facility. The plant shut-down for an additional two weeks will also realize cost savings. 

Ulriksen said the Curling Club was still wrapping up its financials for the year, but that it has realized more revenue this year than last. He did indicate a “break even at best” scenario this year for the club. He also indicated that the club had been awarded another 15U CurlSask event for the 2023-24 season and such events always helped with the bottom line.

The Curling Club has been contacted for comment. 

Ulriksen noted that other than the operating dates and the lease rate increases, there were no other substantial changes being made to the agreement between the City and the Club.