As part of their weekly report for the week of September 25-October 1, Saskatchewan RCMP's media team included a story about a bad day at the duck blind.

With hunting season started, unfortunately Saskatchewan RCMP detachments have been receiving reports of stolen firearms, ammunition and other related items. Just last week according to the release, a duck hunter in the Central Saskatchewan area left a vehicle parked while hunting and returned to find a shotgun, shotgun shells and binoculars missing from his truck.

While hunting equipment (including guns) left out can be tempting for thieves searching a vehicle, it's important to be removing any weapons from the vehicle in the first place. Even un-loaded, getting caught with your hunting tool in the vehicle could cause problems. 


Saskatchewan RCMP reminded hunters of the following.

  • Never leave firearms unattended in a vehicle, especially overnight. Even if they are out of sight within the vehicle, other hunting equipment can signal the potential presence of a gun and a thief may be willing to break in to check.
  • Only bring as many firearms as you are willing to carry with you to hunt. Don’t leave guns at a camp/blind when you aren’t around.
  • Always use trigger locks and secure firearms cases with some type of locking mechanism.
  • Remember, it is illegal to have a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Whether it's stored in a safe or in the trunk, out of sight is out mind when it comes to safely storing your firearms.

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