Raymore’s Travis Flahr was recently awarded the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association’s Service Award at the SHSAA Annual General Meeting. This award is given annually by the SHSAA to honor those who have provided outstanding leadership and service and the promotion of high school athletics within their school athletic district, Travis’s district being the Horizon Central Athletic Association. 

A release from the HCAA notes that Travis Flahr started his first teaching position in Raymore School in 2005. In 2016 Travis took on a new role as Vice Principal at Raymore School and became Principal in 2020. 

Travis has served as a coach for senior football, junior football, track & field, badminton, and curling. During his time at Raymore School, Travis’s senior football team has won three provincial championships and started up a junior football program. 

Travis has been Raymore School’s Athletic Director for the past 13 years. He stepped into the role as HCAA Treasurer in 2013 and continues to contribute in this role. Travis has played a pivotal role in organizing and managing athletic events within Horizon Central. 

The release states that Travis Flahr embodies the spirit of selfless leadership and unwavering dedication. Through his decades of coaching, mentoring, and community service, Travis has left an indelible mark on high school athletics and on his community, exemplifying what it means to inspire and uplift others through sports and shared endeavors.