• You can charge things at the store ‘to my dad’ and nobody has to ask his name.
  • 3rd Street is on the edge of town.
  • To fill out this year’s varsity football squad, coach had to father 3 more children.
  • The New Year’s baby was born in October.

We asked you what are some of your small townisims!

Kaylie Nemeth - The store clerks know your coop number

Janell Rempel - You can still pay for things at the grocery, hardware, farm input store with a personal cheque.

Dana Hobbs - Ur neighbour offers her freezer full of food when she moves

Joanne Plag - You dial a wrong number and chat for a half an hour...

Emilie Glaser - Everyone nows your gossip . No secrets in a small town

Shaunna Galacz - You know where people live by landmarks not street names!

Lindsay Sorokoski - Using a riding mower as a means of transportation and cuttin people's front lawns along the way.

Stefanie Lipinski - You know everyone that you went to school with ... everyone. .. including all of their siblings and who their parents are.

Jennifer Fafard - When u get married the neighbours in your farming district buy u a deep freezer and fill it will beef, pork, chickens etc from their farms

Lynne Brecht - You don't have to use your signal light because everyone know where you are going!

Derrick Hogemann - When you are missing or late to school and the teacher isn't concerned

Gail Andrew - I sure miss the small town life, every car you pass you wave at, you go for walk and end up stopping a bunch to talk with someone else out walking or working in their yard. Ps I sure do like that picture.

Gwen M. Saret - You're related to half of the people in the town.

Ann Paton - You go for a walk to get exercise and every second vehicle stops to see if you need a ride!

Amy Mierke - It takes an hour to get 3 things at the grocery store because you spend 55 minutes visiting with the store clerks and everyone who is shopping.

Sandy Shaw - There are no numbers on the houses, but even the Purolator guy knows how to find you.

Sandy Shaw - You never have to worry about your kids, or where to find them. And if they are up to "no good", chances are you will know about it before they walk in the