Of the many issues discussed throughout Canada's longest federal election campaign is the economy.

Liberal candidate in the Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek riding, Alex Slusar says that voters aren't necessarily concerned about national economy as they are with their own wealth.

"One of the key things I keep hearing on doorsteps is concerns about the economy, but not so much the national economy as much as personal economy. A lot of people are worried about what kind of jobs they're going to have, and what they can do to ensure they have job security."

He added that health care is heavily discussed as well due to the toll that travel can take with some needs not available at home.

"A lot of the doors I have knocked on are seniors who are already on medication and having to look to other areas for health care services. Often they have to drive to Saskatoon to have one thing looked after."

Slusar's family has ties to the Wakaw area, which has lead him to have roots to the agriculture sector, which he says present day issues have voters talking.

"There are some people who are dissatisfied with the way that the Harper government has handled the agricultural portfolio in the last eight years," he explained. "They want to make sure that their product is getting to market efficiently, and effectively, and also that they're receiving a fair price for it."

Since the Conservatives have come to power under Harper, Slusar says that Canada has shifted from a diplomatic country to taking on a more aggressive approach on the international scene. Something the Liberals would change if they are elected.

"On the international stage, Canada has always been looked at as a peace keeper, as a model for diplomacy. There's been a shift in the past eight years to a more aggressive approach," he said. "The Liberal Party is proposing that we return to our role as diplomats, as peace keepers, and I think that is something to be proud of as well."

Slusar says that the government needs to do more on domestic issues.

"We need to reform things particularly in the case of hosting an inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women. That's a national travesty that we absolutely need to address."

Canada heads to the polls in the 42nd Federal Election on October 19.