It’s almost time for Tim Hortons Smile Cookies. The national fundraising campaign takes place from May 1 to 7 with Humboldt local benefits once again heading to the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation. Pre-order forms have been emailed out to businesses and groups so that orders can be placed ahead of time, says HDHF Director Lorrie Bunko. 

“At the Foundation, we are going to be putting this year’s funds toward a vein finder. We already have one vein finder on site, but with the growing patient census, an additional one is needed.”

Smile Cookies will be available at Tim Horton’s restaurants throughout the week, but to get those delicious cookies in bulk for your home or workplace, then the pre-order route is the way to go. 

“Pre-order forms are available on our website,, and social media. Just fill them out and email them back to Tim Hortons in Humboldt.” The return email is located on the order form.

Just a couple of weeks until those Smile Cookies light up our faces and help fill the commitments of the Humboldt and District Hospital Foundation.