- with files from Discover Humboldt Staff

Smoke persists across east central Saskatchewan once again as north and west winds drag an air mass across the central and southeast portions of the province. On Monday, Environment Canada once again issued an air quality statement, noting index had entered the high-risk category, saying that the smoke was not likely to clear until late into Tuesday or early Wednesday.  

They recommended people be cautious, saying that wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone’s health even at low concentrations. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang describes just where the smoke is originating from. 

"The smoke is coming from the Northwest Territories with some contribution from British Columbia as well and just the way the weather pattern is, it looks like it's going to be hanging around the southeast part of the province at least into Wednesday, might be some improvement on Wednesday when the weather pattern finally changes a little bit and we get more of the winds from a southeasterly direction." 

Anyone with breathing problems is asked to take the smoke into consideration and stay indoors if they can. 

"For now, people should expect to be seeing that smoke over the next few days and for those with pre-existing conditions, especially breathing conditions, because it's in the moderate category, they should take extra precautions just because it may affect them." 

While east central portions of the province have experienced smoky conditions over the start of the week, areas to the north have been affected to an even greater degree.  

"It's worse farther to the north just due to proximity, the fires, and just the way the weather pattern is mixing it down a little bit worse farther to the north." 

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