Harvest is nicely underway for most of Saskatchewan.

The latest provincial crop report shows that despite some rain delays last week, seven per cent of the provincial crop has been combined and seven per cent swathed, both ahead of the five-year average.

Provincial Cropping Management Specialist Shannon Friesen says the southern half of the province is furthest ahead.

"Southwest region leads with 17 per cent of the crop now combined," said Friesen. "The southeast follows with 11 per cent, the west-central region has three per cent, the east-central has one per cent combined, and the north is just nicely getting started with one per cent in both the east and the west."

Friesen adds while the recent rains have come too late to help many farmers, the moisture has helped fill in later seeded crops and replenish soil moisture reserves slightly.

"Harvest is not a time that we typically want to see rain, but it seems as soon as harvest comes that it rains in this province over the last couple years," she said. "So while it will not be of any real benefit to many of those crops that are already ripening, or of course that have been combined, hopefully for some of those later-seeded crops it'll help them fill. And of cousre with the soil moisture for next year as well."

Topsoil moisture conditions for cropland are currently rated as one per cent surplus, 42 per cent adequate, 38 per cent short and 19 per cent very short.