The Saskatchewan Health Authority reported a shortage of specialty Infant formulas in Canada for babies with allergies and certain medical conditions. The specialty formulas involved are amino acid-based and hydrolyzed infant formulas.

The SHA states that families should only purchase specialty formulas if there is a medical reason for doing so. 

There is no national shortage of regular infant formula, stated the release. 

The temporary shortage of specialty formula was caused by the closure of Abbott Nutrition’s U.S. manufacturing plant, affecting all of Canada. 

SHA stated supply of specialty infant formulas will slowly grow in the coming months as production resumes. 

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is working with the Ministry of Health and Health Canada to get specialty products to families.

The release states, “If your baby does not need specialized infant formula, please do not buy it.”

Parents or guardians should speak with a health-care professional to discuss concerns if their child has allergies or special formula needs, stated the Health Authority.