Anyone interested in cooking can learn about new spices and new recipes at the Reid-Thompson Public Library this Tuesday, March 28 at 2 p.m. during their Spice Talk monthly event. The spice of the month is turmeric and a recipe is shared for the community to use. 

Free spice kits will be available during the first two weeks of the month for anyone wanting to try it out, while supplies last. At the end of the month people will gather to discuss how they enjoyed their new spices.

The library will also provide a small history about the spice, going over how it was used in the past and what other ways we are able to use it. With them teaching some fun facts it gives us the opportunity to learn more. “It’s good to know something new, something interesting,” says Iryna Barannik, a host of the event.

Barannik has enjoyed the recipe of the month and has begun using turmeric more often in her diet. Turmeric is typically helpful for the digestive system and sore joints. Barannik has been enjoying her turmeric with some warm water every morning.

The event will be a drop-in and during the meeting people will discuss how they enjoyed the recipe. There will be an opportunity to discuss other ways of using the spice in recipes and what recipes people have enjoyed. Heading down to the library will be a great way to spice up your life.