Whether or not you are a fan of the fall favourite, pumpkin spice, you can't hide from it in grocery stores or coffee chains.

This time of year is when the magic combination of spices known as Pumpkin spice come back to shelves with full force.

So, what is the magical blend of spices and when did it first become a thing?

The actual flavours of pumpkin spice are not that uncommon, in fact you likely have them in your pantry.

In 1675 the first recipe to call for the mix of pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon known today as pumpkin spice was used. The four spices can also be combined with ginger and all spice depending on where you live.  

A company known to prepackage these spices in a handy shaker started doing so in the late 1930's.

pumpkin spice in a container

Many companies now a days use the famous flavouring, pumpkin spice, to brand and market fall flavours.

Not only can you get coffee and cereals with the noticeable fall taste, but you can also buy canned meats, deodorant, and even body wash. I'm not too sure walking around smelling like pumpkin spice is really a good idea.

pumpkin spice muffin and latte

So, what is your take on it all, do you like pumpkin spice?

Check out some of the photos of pumpkin spiced items.

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