SPONSORED CONTENT: G3’s network of grain elevators in Saskatchewan has grown quickly, with more and more communities served by its high-efficiency facilities. The latest, G3 Swift Current, opened this year and another is due to open in Melfort next year.

These elevators are part of the smarter path from farmers’ fields to global markets G3 has been building since the Winnipeg-based company’s inception in 2015. Its modern facilities are setting new standards for speed and efficiency that save farmers time and money.

“Customers are excited about the speed and efficiency that G3’s inland terminals have to offer as they deliver their grain to market,” says Bert Benoit, General Manager of G3 Maidstone. “Our facilities can dump a Super B truck of grain in about five minutes, which allows customers to haul multiple loads of grain in the same day.”

“Customers are very happy with the speed and efficiency of the facility, really like not having to move to unload their trailers,” says G3 Swift Current General Manager Rick Spetz. “They like that the facilities are bright and clean.”

Farmer Keaton Dowdeswell delivers to G3 Swift Current and likes how his grain is quickly probed and graded before his truck pulls into the driveshed for a quick unload.

“You can just about open your hoppers all the way, so it’s fast that way. Once you’re done unloading, the grain is gone from the pit so the next guy can come in and just start unloading right away,” he says.

Saskatchewan producers are also benefiting from G3’s loop-to-loop rail system, where trains load and unload in continuous motion, moving quickly from prairie to port and back. This keeps grain moving to market, speeding up the grain supply chain and allowing more marketing and delivery opportunities for farmers.

“The loop track system allows us to get grain from the farm gate to G3 Terminal Vancouver inside of 4 to 5 days,” says Benoit. “We are able to rotate these trains back and forth from Vancouver in a timely fashion, providing our farm customers with increased shipping for their production.”

G3 has more than 600 employees in facilities across the country. The company’s head office is in Winnipeg.

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