What do you think of when you hear Futuristic Industries… is it the amazing hand-built furniture made in our woodshop, or maybe you’ve received an enthusiastic “hello”, or a hug from those we support at a Broncos game?

futuristics hockey

Futuristic Industries first opened its doors in 1973 with the goal of supporting those experiencing intellectual disabilities live as independently as possible. While the organization has seen many changes, its primary focus has always been supporting the individuals we work alongside of live the very best version of their lives however it may look to them.

In addition to living out our work, and recreational goals, Futuristic Industries staff also lend a hand with money, reading, and communication skills. Our dedicated, professional staff provide vocational, residential, employment support and individual programming to help those we serve achieve their dreams and goals.

All of us, like all of you, strive towards living our best lives. We are citizens in our community and are actively engaged in meaningful activities that help make Humboldt an amazing place to work, and play.

We are skilled workers.

We are community volunteers.

Some of us are musicians, and actors, and some of us are cheerleaders.

We are athletes, and artists.

We are brothers, sisters, Aunts and Uncles.

Our little community looks just like Humboldt, because we are your family, friends and neighbours!

Futuristic Industries supports a day program, three community homes and independent living program and manage the Sarcan depots in both Humboldt, and Lanigan.

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We believe deeply in our mission statement, and every member of our team brings to work with them the understanding that everyone is a valued citizen contributing to life in our community and open our doors to Humboldt for a visit and a tour of the shop, a smile, handshake and introduction if you happen upon us during our early morning walks (weather permitting of course!)

We encourage you to learn a little more about us by visiting us at futuristicindustries.com or at our facebook or tiktok pages!