Another spell of warm weather has allowed producers in all corners of the province to get into the spring seeding season.

Last week, just the southern portion of the province had begun seeding, but now, the new crop report shows activity in all regions.

Farmers have 15 per cent of the crop in the ground, which is well past the five-year average of four per cent. It is just one per cent above last year's mark, however.

In the east-central region, just two per cent has been seeded thus far, compared to 35 in the southwest, 18 in the southeast, six per cent in the west-central area, three in the northwest, and one per cent in the northeast.

Overall, 35 per cent of lentils have been seeded, with 31 per cent of field peas, 26 for mustard, 24 of chickpeas, 22 for durum, 15 per cent of soybeans, 11 per cent for barley, nine for flax, eight of canola, seven of spring wheat and canaryseed, as well as six per cent of oats.

Many parts of the province will need rain to help germinate and see crops emerge.