The St. Mary's Villa Foundation is launching their 'Campaign for Comfort.'

The campaign gets underway with a fundraising fashion show next Wednesday at the Humboldt Legion Hall.

Executive Director for the Villa Foundation, Donna Muench explained where the funds from the fashion show and campaign will go.

"We are raising money to fund furnishings for our newly renovated family room, that's been a long time coming and is something that we're really excited about. There are other needs for the residents but that's just one of them on the list of many."

Along with furnishing the family room, funds will also go towards an outdoor gazebo and ceiling track lifts.

The new family room is of great important to the patients at the Villa who have family that want to come visit, "if they have someone in palliative and the family wants to gather, the rooms that the residents are in are quite small and it only accommodates one or two extra people so we really had no other private room for the rest of the family to go to," said Muench.

The campaign begins with the fashion show fundraiser.

Tickets can be purchased until Monday at Cottage Boutique or at the Villa Office for $30 a ticket.

To hear more from Muench in her interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart click below.

St. Mary's Villa is raising funds to furnish their new family room