Canada's Farm Show has always been known as one of the best places to launch new equipment, technology and information.

The 2022 show is no different with a wide variety of new products and ideas being unveiled for producers. 

Allan Bonk is CEO and Co-Founder of Saskatchewan based LyteHorse Labs.

The company is one of many exhibitors attracting a lot of attention during this week's Farm Show. 

Bonk says they are coming to market with a Stand Up Electric All Terrain Vehicle that has a great fit for everyone from retirees living in a resort setting, to farmers and ranchers, hunters, search and rescue, security forces, emergency personnel and the military.

"It's a very heavy duty machine and it's designed to go anywhere a quad typically can go, but with no sound and no emissions with just as much performance and in many cases better performance than a quad."

He says the experience of driving through a field without the loud engine noise is something we are not used to, for hunters it doesn't scare the wildlife away.

The Electric ATV is all wheel drive unit with a maximum speed of 40 kmh and is very capable of climbing over obstacles, climbing hills and going through mud.

He says it will go through 22 inches of water with no problem, each wheel has it's own motor, so no drive train to worry about and with a low center of gravity that makes it very difficult to tip over.

Buyers can configure the set up to include anywhere from two to four batteries, with the maximum four providing up to a 120 kilometre range.

Bonk says pricing will vary but the typical Stand Up Electric ATV sells for about $22,000 and has an excellent fit on the farm or ranch. 

So you go into your cattle corral and you don't spook the livestock. They are actually curious about it, and they tend more often than not to come up to the machine."

He says through the website they've already pre-sold unit in ten countries adding that interest here at Canada's Farm Show has been strong. 

LyteHorse plans to begin production on the unit in July, the company headquarters is located in Regina and has the capability of producing 200 units a month.

The company has partnered with a manufactering facility in the U-S, where the plant in Michigan will be able to turn out about 5000 a month, which is needed to meet the military contracts. 

Bonk notes the Canadian government has a 100 per cent tax credit available for farmimg and mining purchases of ATV's this year that are electric.