STARS Air Ambulance is a non profit organization which air lifts critically ill patients to nearby hospitals. Every year from May to July the organization holds a lottery to raise funds to continue the program.

In a Facebook post, the STARS Air Ambulance released a statement explaining fraudulent calls that are being made all across the province.

The fake callers claim to be a STARS lottery representative, asking the resident for money to ship their winnings from the lottery.

Cam Heke, spokesperson for STARS explained how despicable this is.

"It's very disappointing when that sort of thing happens. Unfortunately, it's not unique, as we have had it happen over the years and it's very disappointing that someone would do such a thing and pull a scam when it's involving a charitable organization like ours."

Heke talked about what really happens when someone wins in their lottery, "If it's one of our larger prizes, the top 10 prizes we call the person directly and identify ourselves as being with STARS and they will then get an official letter, a hand signed letter in the mail with a prize number and a charitable number and we certainly would never ask anybody to send us money ever."

The organization has been notified of several calls made mostly for out of the Regina area, and in other places in the province as well.