Situated in an unknown location in the heart of the Prairies, and not returning back until you raise enough money was a challenge that five of Saskatchewan's most influential individuals faced on Wednesday.

Grey Cup Champion and former Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Mike McCullough, Businesswoman Bev Dubois, David Dube of the Concorde Group, Carson Energy's Ron Carson, and Dean Lang, who is actively involved in the City of Moose Jaw set out to reach a fundraising goal of $50,000.

(L-R: Ron Carson, Dean Lang, David Dube, Bev Dubois, and Mike McCullough)

A new initiative for STARS in their fundraising efforts, President and CEO Andrea Robertson says the idea was based off a familiar event.

"It started from a young fundraiser in STARS who based it on a jail and bail," she said. "We're going to fly you to a remote location and you have to raise x amount of dollars or we don't fly you back, and you're stuck."

The initial challenge of the day featured the five participants having to strap up their jump suits and helmets as quickly as possible and then run out to the STARS helicopters and strap up for departure.

"Some of (the challenges are) a secret, but they will be challenged to various things," explained Robertson. "We have sponsors in the community for some of the challenges, and that's how they raise a little bit more money for their won personal goal."

Robertson added that funds from the day will go right back into keeping the air ambulances operable with fuel and other expenses.

Luc Duval, who is a regular flight paramedic with STARS said that some of the participants in the event had some night before jitters.

"They were out last night talking and a few of them are quite worried about flying in a helicopter as they have never been in such small aircrafts," he explained. "We told them to just enjoy it. The helicopter flies very smoothly and then once they get there they have no clue what they're doing."

Following a ten year career with the Riders, McCullough is continuing on with his new ventures as a financial adviser with Investors Group.

He says that getting involved with an organization such as STARS is always a worthy, and important cause.

"It's a province wide thing, and one of those things that saves lives. Anytime you can help the funding and keeping operations running that can save peoples lives is important."

His thoughts on the event were echoed by Carson.

"It's a great opportunity to be able to help with STARS, and they do such good fundraising, they're well-organized, and I don't think there is a much better place for people to pledge their money."

In helping to reach his personal goal for the day, McCullough says he has talked to some former teammates, but with a dismal season thus far, he's left them to focus on football.

"Some of the guys on the team have bigger things to worry about right now," he joked. "A couple of them have talked to me and made some donations."

Challenges continue throughout the day as each participant aims to raise funds to reach their $50,000 goal and be returned to civilization.

The day is capped off with a celebration dinner.