Fundraisers are vital for charities. 

That includes Speaking Through C.R.A.I.G Solutions, who will have a Steak night, Friday at the Bella Vista from 6-7 and there will also be a silent auction from 6:30-7:30.  
Organizer Kim Hartl explains the mission behind CRAIG Solutions.  

“C.R.A.I.G is an acronym that stands for creating resilience and awareness inspired by guidance. The solutions are incorporated in our M.E. Days that we hold every November. “ 

This year’s M.E. (Mental Health Edification) Day will feature one change with Melfort playing host for the 2024 edition of the event on November 25.  

The guest speaker for the event will be a familiar one, as former NHL goaltender and analyst Corey Hirsch has agreed to return as the guest speaker.  

“He’s coming again to join us, last year he was in Humboldt, we had a lot of positive feedback so we asked if he would come again and he was very, very happy to come together again in Melfort.”  

Hirsch, an advocate for mental health, chronicled his story with his book, The Save of My Life: My Journey Out of the Dark.  

There is no admission charge for the M.E. Wellness Expos including the upcoming one in Melfort, which is why fundraisers like Steak Night are needed, Hartl explained.  
During the ME Day event, organizations will set up booths to help build vital connections.  

Youth Matters, based out of Melfort, is one group that will have a booth set up that night, and Hartl says they will be helping to put together this year’s event.  

Besides the ME Day, a couple of key projects that Speaking Through CRAIG Solutions are involved include Project Ivan alongside St. John’s Ambulance which involves Pet Therapy. 

Project Help and Sierra’s Case allow them to hand out scholarships to students interested in pursuing a career in aiding with mental health