The SSHSA Provincial Track and Field Championships took place on Friday and Saturday in Saskatoon. 

As a District, HCAA finished 6th out of 14 districts that were competing with 16 individual medals, 2 team medals, and 1 aggregate medal. 

Hailee Woodhouse of Holdfast led the way with five medals. Three gold medals (Junior Girls 200m, Junior Girls 400 m, Junior Girls Aggregate.), one silver medal (Junior Girls 100m) and one bronze medal (Junior Girls Long Jump).  

Sarah Loehr of Muenster picked up a pair of medals. A gold medal (Intermediate Girls Javelin) and a bronze medal (Intermediate Girls Discus) 

Marie Millette from Humboldt also collected two medals. One gold medal (Senior Girls Pole Vault) and one bronze medal (Senior Girls Triple Jump). 

Here is a full listing of the HCAA medalists from the Provincial Championships.   


Intermediate Girls Javelin                Gold               Sarah Loehr (Muenster) 

Intermediate Girls High Jump          Silver              Ninke DeKlerk (Rose Valley) 

Intermediate Girls Discus                 Bronze           Sarah Loehr (Muenster) 

Intermediate Boys                             Silver              Dallas Rock (Bellevue) 

Junior Girls 200m                             Gold               Hailee Woodhouse (Holdfast) 

Junior Girls 400m                             Gold               Hailee Woodhouse (Holdfast) 

Junior Girls Javelin                           Gold               Vivian Beaudoin (Foam Lake) 

Junior Girls 100m                             Silver              Hailee Woodhouse (Holdfast) 

Junior Girls Long Jump                    Bronze           Hailee Woodhouse (Holdfast) 

Senior Girls Pole Vault                    Gold               Marie Millette (Humboldt) 

Senior Girls Pole Vault                    Silver              Alexus Roach (Humboldt) 

Senior Girls Shot Put                        Silver              Maya Mortenson (Humboldt) 

Senior Girls Triple Jump                  Bronze           Marie Millette (Humboldt) 

Senior Boys Triple Jump                  Gold               Jemar Brockmam (Watrous) 

Senior Boys Javelin                         Silver              Andrei Aquino (Lake Lenore) 

Senior Boys Shot Put                       Bronze           Thomas Ries (Humboldt) 

1A Team                                           Silver              Holdfast 

4A Team                                           Silver              Humboldt 

Junior Girls Aggregate                     Gold               Hailee Woodhouse (Holdfast)