This past weekend, the 4x4x48 event in Humboldt proved to be a resounding success, with participants and community members coming together for a cause close to many hearts. Jason Holtvogt, the event organizer, shared insights and highlights during an interview with Sarah Miller from 107.5 Bolt FM. 

The event kicked off on Friday night with the Dine and Dash held on the ice surface at the Uniplex, drawing a crowd of 375 people.
"The decorating of this completely transformed the rink surface and just did such an awesome job," Holtvogt said, praising the efforts of volunteers. The evening featured dueling pianos, setting a lively tone for the weekend ahead. 

The 4x4x48 run itself, which involves running four miles every four hours for 48 miles, had great weather this year.
"We couldn't have had better weather," Holtvogt noted. "It was just a little bit windy, but fantastic temperatures." 

Ten runners registered for the entire event, with five completing the full run. Holtvogt was among them, joined by his son Landon, Michael Ulriksen, Jordan Dalsin, and John Ell. Community support was evident, with 20 to 30 runners joining for each segment and over 100 participants in the community walk celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

One of the weekend's highlights was the superhero run on Saturday evening. Participants donned costumes, adding a festive touch to the event.
"I put on my tutu and dressed up like my daughter did shortly before she was diagnosed," Holtvogt shared, mentioning a touching moment captured in a photo with a young participant in a matching outfit. 

Jason and Karlee

An enlightening aspect of the event was a Zoom meeting with Dr. James Shapiro, a leading diabetes researcher. Dr. Shapiro discussed his groundbreaking work on the Edmonton Protocol and ongoing stem cell research aimed at curing diabetes. "He is very close to a cure," Holtvogt emphasized, highlighting the global impact of diabetes and the significance of Dr. Shapiro's research. 

Looking ahead, Holtvogt announced the next fundraising event in collaboration with the Broncos, set for the fall.
"We do a puck toss in the fall, close to diabetes month in November," he said, inviting ongoing support and donations through their website.

Holtvogt concluded with heartfelt gratitude for the community's generosity and participation. "I can't say enough how important for not only just the diabetic community, but our event on Friday night," he said. "So many people were connecting and just spending a great time together. There was just so much happiness in that room." 

The 4x4x48 event continues driving forward the mission to find a cure for diabetes while strengthening community bonds. 

a sign at the half way point