It was a successful weekend for the U18 Team Sask., as they played in the National Championships. 

The Friday, August 18th game took place at Ross Hennigar Park, as Sask. played head-to-head against Ontario. Team Sask. took the win 6 - 5. 

The team then took on Québec at Legacy Dodge Field on Saturday, falling to the team 0-2. The Québec team had a strong defense, not allowing the team to make many plays, leaving the Sask. team hungry for another win. 

Another Saturday game lifted the team's spirits as Team Sask. took on Alberta, leaving the game 1 - 0 after a strong defensive play on both sides. 

The team was ready for Sunday, with finals taking place. The first game was against New Brunswick, with Saskatchewan falling 4-2 after letting the early game slip away from them. 

The team had their final match of the weekend against Québec, leaving the Championships with a 6-3 loss. Team Sask. looked hopeful in the start with a few early runs, but Québec upped their defenses and managed to keep Team Sask. at bay. 

It was an exciting weekend for baseball, as Team Sask. gave it their all. 

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